A trademark is a mark or symbol that identifies your goods or services. As such, it is an invaluable mark and should be protected from attempts by others to capitalize on your business’s goodwill by using a similar mark to confuse people into believing that the goods or services come from your company. Unlawful use of a trademark is referred to as trademark infringement.

There are different ways to respond to trademark infringement. In some cases, demanding that an infringing party cease and desist from use of the infringing trademark may resolve the issue. When a simple letter is not sufficient, our attorneys have the ability and skill necessary to pursue a trademark infringement lawsuit to prevent someone from using your mark on their products. If the mark is determined to be infringing, the plaintiff may recover damages, an injunction, and attorneys’ fees. Our attorneys are also able to take appropriate actions against cybersquatters, the term that applies to people who register a domain name in bad faith, likely with the intention of selling the domain.

Our attorneys also aggressively defend clients against trademark infringement claims and lawsuits. We can explain strategies that include invaliding your competitor’s mark, proving that you were not infringing, minimizing damages, and negotiating a favorable resolution.

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