Intellectual Property

Our San Jose, California IP attorneys at Gates Eisenhart Dawson have the skills and background necessary to efficiently and effectively represent individuals who hold intellectual property rights as well as individuals accused of unlawfully using another person’s intellectual property.

A company’s intellectual property is often the lifeblood of the company, whether it is a trade secret, copyright, or trademark. It is essential that companies and individuals who hold the rights to intellectual property understand the scope of their rights and guard them from infringement, the term that applies to unlawful use of intellectual property. It is equally imperative that individuals accused of infringing or misappropriating the intellectual property of another consult an attorney to understand their defenses.

Based in Silicon Valley, our intellectual property practice extends throughout California and to other jurisdictions in select matters.

Representative Cases

Successfully represented a calendar distribution corporation and its owner in the appeal of a preliminary injunction against the defendants (managing agents), who misappropriated the corporation's customer list and used it to solicit business for a competing business. The case was handled by one of our attorneys in a prior position.

Successfully represented individuals alleged to have misappropriated a company’s trade secrets after the company purchased their prior employer. The case was handled by one of our attorneys in a prior position.

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Trade Secrets

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