Employer Audits and Counseling

Our firm offers small and mid-size businesses a host of services to assist in human relations and employee operations, audit employer compliance practices, and counsel employers in practical ways to mitigate and prevent the risks associated with employee lawsuits and administrative claims.

Where an employee has complained of discrimination, retaliation, harassment, or any other unlawful employment practice, we step in to investigate the claims by conducting interviews and reporting to management. Our services provide an invaluable tool in combatting any actual or perceived unlawful practices with corrective action and education.

Prevention and training is a critical component in risk mitigation, and indeed, is mandated by California law for most employers. Our services include:

  • advising management on employer obligations
  • instructing on detection and complaint responses
  • evaluating existing policies and practices
  • providing CA Gov. Code section 12950.1 supervisor sexual harassment education
  • auditing polices ranging from hiring practices to progressive discipline to termination procedures

On the mitigation front, we offer early intervention in litigation, pre- and post-filing of both lawsuits, as well as representation on administrative complaints.

Regarding employee relations, we offer a wide variety of services, including drafting, revising and reviewing employee handbooks, creating and implementing policies and procedures, and counseling and drafting binding dispute resolution procedures, including private arbitration.

Finally, we assist employers in drafting and revising critical contracts, including employment agreement, lease agreements, waivers, and separation agreement.

Learn more about our employment practice, including representative cases in this area. Contact GED to discuss how we may be of service in your employer audit or counseling matter.