Business Litigation & Counseling

The San Jose, California business attorneys at Gates Eisenhart Dawson represent all manner of business entities in third party disputes including breach of contract, fraud, Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act, Uniform Trade Secrets Act, tortious interference, and Unfair Business Practices — just to name a few. Our attorneys also represent shareholders, partners and limited liability company members in entity dissolution actions, as well as intra-owner disputes including claims for breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, and fraud. Our successes include obtaining interim remedies such as attachment orders, temporary restraining orders, and preliminary injunctive relief, as well as disposing of matters on summary judgment, thus avoiding the risk of trial.

Based in Silicon Valley, our business litigation and counseling practice extends throughout California and to other jurisdictions in select matters.

Representative Cases

Won a multi-million dollar jury verdict in a fraud dispute representing a designer-builder against an owner accused of reneging on a promise to hire the builder after he obtained a PUD permit for a single family mansion in a permit-restricted hillside community. In addition to millions of dollars in lost profits, the jury also found an entitlement to punitive damages. The case settled for significantly more than the verdict just prior to the punitive damages phase of trial.

Represented principals of a corporation sued by an investor for fraud and other sundry claims. We achieved dismissal of some of the claims at the pleading stage and, as for the rest, we obtained summary judgment for the clients.

Represented a limited liability company sued by a co-joint venturer for fraud, breach of contract, and other claims. After successfully petitioning the court to compel binding arbitration and winning prevailing party attorney’s fees on that petition, the matter ultimately settled for a mere nuisance payment to end the dispute.

Hired by a corporate defendant following a multi-million dollar jury verdict having just been entered against it. After reviewing the entire record, we filed post-trial motions for a new trial and judgment notwithstanding the verdict. Both motions were granted, and the jury verdict was completely eliminated.

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Breach of Fiduciary Duty

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Business Interference

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Contract Disputes

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Entity Dissolution Claims

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False Advertising

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Partnership & Shareholder Disputes

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