Practice Areas


Our appellate attorneys are proud to have argued before the United States Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Utah Supreme Court, and various California Courts of Appeal. We have won appeals in multiple practice areas, firmly estab… Read More

Business Litigation & Counseling

We represent all manner of business entities in third party disputes. We also represent shareholders, partners and limited liability company members in entity dissolution actions, as well as intra-owner disputes including claims for breach of fiducia… Read More

    Breach of Fiduciary Duty

    Persons who occupy a position of trust, such as a business partner or a professional advisor, are generally required to act in the best interest of those with whom they deal and must not take any sort of unfair advantage. Those who have been harmed b… Read More

    Business Interference

    Generally, there are two ways in which a person can be held liable for interfering with another person’s business: interference with contractual relations interference with prospective economic advantage Interference with contractual relations oc… Read More

    Contract Disputes

    A contract is an agreement between two parties. The agreement can be written, oral, or implied by conduct. Although the purpose of a contract is to create a clear understanding of each party’s obligations, disagreements can still occur about what t… Read More

    Entity Dissolution Claims

    There are times when a business partnership, including a corporation, may wish to dissolve and no longer continue the business relationship. This process often can be quite difficult, not only from a business point of view but also from a legal point… Read More

    False Advertising

    Businesses are permitted to advertise by making truthful claims about their products. However, businesses are liable for crossing the line into deception and misrepresentation. Honest businesses are harmed by untruthful competitive practices of disho… Read More


    Fraud is the misrepresentation or concealment of an important fact. Fraud claims arise in a wide variety of situations, for both businesses and individuals. Our attorneys are experienced in litigating fraud claims and have achieved very significant v… Read More

    Partnership & Shareholder Disputes

    While no one enters into a business as a partner or shareholder with the expectation of a problem, disputes do arise. Often, these disputes require the partners or shareholders to part ways on less-than-friendly terms. Examples of business disputes i… Read More


We have a long history of obtaining successful results for employees in wrongful termination, retaliation, and wage and hour cases. Building on that tradition of success, we provide a unique and valuable perspective when representing employers and sm… Read More

    Contract Claims

    A breach of contract occurs when one party (either the employer or employee) fails to fulfill the obligations outlined in the employment agreement. When this happens, one or both parties may want to have the contract enforced and seek damages for the… Read More

    Discrimination & Harassment

    It is unlawful for any employer to harass an employee because of race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, marital status, sex, age, or sexual orientation. The laws protecting… Read More

    Employer Audits & Counseling

    Our firm offers small and mid-size businesses a host of services to assist in human relations and employee operations, audit employer compliance practices, and counsel employers in practical ways to mitigate and prevent the risks associated with empl… Read More

    Employment Development Department Claims

    It is not uncommon for an employee to be discharged, or even forced to quit, and be denied EDD (unemployment) benefits. The initial denial is subject to an automatic appeal before an administrative law judge. For the employee, it is important to time… Read More

    Leave of Absence

    Under the FMLA, employees — men and women — have the right, under certain circumstances, to medical and pregnancy leaves of absence without fear of retaliation. Our firm has represented employees in obtaining such leave. We have also represented… Read More

    Unfair Competition

    Employers are prohibited from engaging in “unfair competition.” This term has been broadly construed to prohibit many types of activities, including the following, under certain circumstances: competitive acts by current employees breach of fidu… Read More

    Wage & Hour Claims

    Employees are generally categorized as either exempt or non-exempt from the wage and hour laws, although even non-exempt employees have a number of rights, including, for example, the right to receive “prompt pay” upon resignation or discharge. W… Read More

    Wrongful Termination

    Although employment contracts are generally terminable at will, California courts recognize a narrow exception to this rule where an employer’s reason for termination violates public policy. Despite an employment contract that allows for terminatio… Read More

Financial Elder Abuse

Financial elder abuse is different from the standard personal injury case and requires legal counsel with extensive knowledge and experience in litigating these issues. At GED, we take pride in our vigorous advocacy on behalf of victims of financial… Read More

Insurance Coverage

Businesses and individuals rely on insurance coverage to handle a large variety of risks, including lawsuits and property damage. If your insurance company is wrongly or unreasonably limiting, denying, or handling your claim, our attorneys can provid… Read More

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property — trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks — is often the lifeblood of the a business. Companies and individuals who have intellectual property rights should understand the scope of those rights and protect the property fro… Read More

    Trade Secrets

    A trade secret includes any valuable business information that is not generally known and is the subject of reasonable efforts to maintain its secrecy. A company’s trade secrets are at the heart of the company’s business. The entire business mode… Read More


    A trademark is a mark or symbol that identifies your goods or services. As such, it is an invaluable mark and should be protected from attempts by others to capitalize on your business’s goodwill by using a similar mark to confuse people into belie… Read More


    The owner of a copyrighted work has the right to exclude others from infringing on the work. That includes the right to prevent others, without permission, from infringing on certain exclusive rights that are granted to the copyright holder, includin… Read More


We represent landlords and tenants in all types of disputes, including residential and commercial eviction lawsuits, actions for breach of lease, retaliatory eviction, nuisance and other tort claims, actions for lease cancellation, and class action l… Read More

    Mobile Home Tenancies

    Mobile home tenancies create a unique landlord/tenant relationship. While the tenant owns the mobile home, the tenant rents space in the mobile home park. Once the tenant hooks up utilities and makes other improvements, the “mobile” home is far l… Read More

    Commercial: Lease Negotiation & Litigation

    Commercial leases are extremely complex instruments which, unfortunately, are routinely entered into by unwitting tenants without the benefit of legal representation or advice. The language used in commercial leases can be confusing just to read. Wit… Read More

    Residential: Lease Negotiation & Litigation

    Many large, sophisticated landlords employ lengthy and adhesive (one-sided, take-it-or-leave-it) leases in renting their apartments. It would surprise most people that many of these leases contain not just one, but multiple provisions which are void… Read More

Proposition 65

Our attorneys have extensive experience with the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. We handle Proposition 65 matters in both trial and appellate courts, aggressively advocating on our client’s behalf. We also assist clients with… Read More

Real Estate

Our attorneys are experienced in handling legal issues related to both commercial and residential real estate and have litigated a wide variety of real estate claims, including non-disclosure of defective property conditions, breach of purchase agree… Read More

Trusts & Estates

Our GED trusts and estates attorneys protect and preserve estate assets for our clients and their beneficiaries. We also assist families through the process of trust administration. By taking the appropriate estate planning steps, our clients’ wish… Read More

Wire Fraud and Cyber Theft

Wire fraud and cyber theft is everyone’s nightmare occurrence. And, it is all too common in California, especially in the real estate industry given the high price of real estate. The common scheme is that the buyer receives an email that purports… Read More