Trust Administration

In addition to probate and estate planning services, Bill Mahan offers clients a wealth of experience in the administration of trust estates and the processes involved, including:

•    The sending of required legal notices to trust beneficiaries
•    Handling creditor’s claims
•    Obtaining the valuation of trust assets
•    Managing the sale of real property and other assets
•    Resolving disputes amongst trust beneficiaries
•    Managing the preparation of accountings
•    Assistance with estate tax and other tax questions and issues
•    The distribution of trust income and/or principal to trust beneficiaries as required by the terms of the trust,
along with the final distribution of trust assets

Some of the areas in which Bill Mahan provides trust administration services are as follows:

•    Trust Administration
•    Representation of Trustors, Trustees and/or Beneficiaries
•    Assistance with Obtaining Asset Valuations
•    Preparation and Review of Accountings
•    Estate and Trust Disputes
•    Gifting Issues
•    Review of Estate and/or Gift Tax Returns
•    Review of Existing Trusts and Other Related Documents • Deed Work
•    Trust Amendments
•    Modification or Revocation of Trusts