Contacts, such as a purchase agreement or a long-term lease, are an integral part of real estate.

Our attorneys are experts in both negotiating and drafting real estate contracts, and in litigating disputes which arise from these contracts.


One of the most frequent issues that arises in real estate transactions is the failure of a seller to disclose something important about the property which affects the property’s value.

We have achieved many successful results for clients who have been harmed by the failure of a real estate seller to disclose a defect of the property, and we aggressively litigate these claims to obtain the best result for our client.


Fraud in a real estate transaction is a serious matter, which can result in significant monetary liability.

Our attorneys provide high-quality, efficient legal representation to clients who have been affected by fraud in the course a real estate transaction.


Disputes between contractors and owners, or contractors and subcontractors, are governed by a number of specific state laws and regulations.

Our attorneys are able to assist with advising parties about their rights when a dispute construction arises, litigating the disputes in court, or enforcing liens and judgments.


When a piece of real property is owned by more than one person, it may become necessary to divide the property in a manner that allows each owner to receive his or her fair share of the property’s value.

This is called partition, and it can occur by agreement of the owners or by being ordered by the court.

Our attorneys have succeeded in a variety of partition cases, ranging from the very simple to the very complex.


When there is a dispute about who is the true owner of a piece of real property, or about whether someone can rightfully claim an encumbrance on the property, the law provides an effective means to determine who is entitled to claim ownership.

A quiet title action is an efficient way to clear up the issue of who is the rightful owner of property, and our attorneys are experienced in navigating this issue through the courts for our clients.


Real estate brokers have a number of duties and obligations in connection with a real estate transaction.

Our attorneys have successfully represented brokers accused of wrongdoing and parties who have been damaged by a broker’s misconduct in connection with a transaction.


The manner in which a parcel of land is legally allowed to be used is a key component of the value of that property.

Our attorneys are able to assist persons in determining the allowable uses of land, and in litigating disputes regarding whether a certain use should be allowed.


A property owner may not use his or her land in a way that annoys or disturbs an adjoining landowner.

A person affected by nuisance may have legal claims for damages.

Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating nuisance claims, including in the class action context.


In some circumstances, the government may be allowed to take land owned by a citizen in order to put that land to a use that benefits the public.  When that happens, the government is required to fairly compensate the landowner for the value of the land.

Whether the proposed use truly benefits the public and the correct valuation of the land are important issues that arise in eminent domain proceedings.  Our attorneys can put their experience in real property law to work for you and assist you in navigating these issues.


When a person openly occupies land for an extended period of time, that person may acquire ownership rights in the land.

Our attorneys are able to assist in advising clients and representing clients in litigation relating to this complicated area of real property law.


Foreclosure occurs when a bank or other holder of a mortgage lien forces a sale of a property at auction in order to recover the amount owed on the mortgage.

Numerous issues can arise in connection with a foreclosure proceeding, often requiring immediate legal intervention.  Our experienced real estate attorneys assist clients by advising them appropriately and litigating issues in court when necessary to secure a successful result.


Rescission means to revoke or terminate a contract.  Rescission of a real estate purchase contract is one remedy that may be available to a buyer or seller.

Our attorneys are able to assist both buyers and sellers of real estate with obtaining rescission of a purchase contract.