In addition to estate planning services, Bill Mahan offers decades of experience in the administration of decedent’s estates through the probate process:•    Filing of the opening petition through required legal notices
•    Handling creditor’s claims
•    Obtaining the valuation of estate assets
•    Handling the sale of real property and other assets
•    Resolving disputes amongst estate beneficiaries
•    Managing the preparation of accountings
•    Assistance with estate tax and other tax questions and issues
•    Managing the final distribution of estate assets

Bill has successfully represented estate beneficiaries in both trust and estate disputes and have the expertise to assist our clients in the resolution and settlement of such matters. He has succeeded in finding middle ground for family members and beneficiaries to enable them to reach agreements that suit all concerned.

•    Probate Administration
•    Assistance with Obtaining Asset Valuations
•    Representation of Administrators, Executors and/or Beneficiaries
•    Preparation and Review of Accountings
•    Conservatorships (Representation of either Proposed Conservator or Conservatee)
•    Guardianships (Representation of either Proposed Guardian or Ward)
•    Estate and Trust Disputes

Bill Mahan also handles the administration of trust estates through the process known as trust administration, a key area related to the probate process.