James L. Dawson

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Jim Dawson has been a practicing lawyer for over 30 years, starting out in the litigation field in 1977. During that time he has tried hundreds of cases and has worked with clients and companies of all sizes—from individuals to publicly traded corporations. Jim has argued before multiple California Courts of Appeal, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Utah State Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court.

The end result is a seasoned lawyer equipped not only with a wealth of experience, but a unique quality of getting to the heart of a problem and point of resolution in the short order; an uncommon client experience with most legal cases. Added to the formula is Jim’s love of the field of law.

“A client would describe me as being very quick to understand their problem,” Jim says with a level of both confidence and humility. “I’m lucky to be able to do something for many years that I enjoy. It’s very much like playing sports to the extent that once it gets into your blood; it’s kind of hard to get it out.”

Jim is a member of the American Bar Association – Section of Labor and Employment Law. He has successfully worked legal cases in the areas of Employment LitigationBusiness Law and Real Estate Law ranging from the efficient adjudication of individual claims and defenses to the highly successful dissolution of a real estate development partnership valued in excess of a quarter of a billion dollars.

“Knowing that our work has made a positive difference to our clients, big or small, makes me feel honored to be practicing law,” Jim explains. “That’s why we are as aggressive as we are. We focus on the client’s interest above all else.”

Jim Dawson’s impressive and more well-known appellate cases was Johnson v. Transportation Agency, 480U.S.616 (1987), as chronicled in “A Conflict of Rights” by Melvin Urofsky, Gonzales v. San Jose Police Department (9thCir.1990) 901 F.2d 758.

To reach Jim Dawson call our office at 408.288.8100 or email Jim directly at: jld@gedlaw.com.