Estate Planning

Bill Mahan takes our clients step by step through the estate planning process; from the basics to the most complex planning concepts. He works to remove uncertainty by guiding our clients through the range of Wills and trusts available to meet their needs and wishes.Bill’s consistent approach is to protect and preserve estate assets for our clients and their future beneficiaries, to minimize estate tax and other tax consequences, and to assist families through the process of trust administration.By taking the appropriate estate planning steps, our clients’ wishes have been carried out and their estate planning goals have been attained. And for those choosing trust planning we have also been able to avoid the public, time consuming and costly process of probate.

GED provides estate planning services in the following areas:

•    Simple Wills
•    Testamentary Trusts
•    Living Trusts
•    Special Needs Trusts
•    Durable Powers of Attorney for Property
•    Durable Powers of Attorney/Health Care Directives
•    Irrevocable Trusts (for gifting)
•    Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
•    Charitable Trusts
•    Family Partnerships and LLC’s
•    Elder Law and Planning