Corporate and Business Law

Bill Mahan brings decades of corporate and business law expertise necessary to understand the key issues, overcome obstacles, and provide an approach to ensure deals and transactions are processed efficiently.

We provide corporate and business law services in the following areas:

•    Corporation, Limited Liability Company and Partnership formations and dissolutions
•    Securities law compliance
•    Corporate Minutes
•    Employment Manuals
•    Representation of clients in the Purchase or Sale of Businesses
•    Mergers and acquisitions
•    Business Transition and Exit Strategy Planning
•    Business Agreements (Employment Agreements, By-Sell Agreements, Business Contracts, etc.)
•    Intellectual property protection (Confidentiality, Non Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements)
•    Licensing and e-commerce
•    Business Real Property Leases
•    Equipment Leases
•    Review and Advice regarding Franchise Agreements and Businesses
•    Transactional tax matters