When a business venture involves more than one person, disputes between the owners of that business can arise.  It may then become necessary to end the business relationship by dissolving the business entity (whether a corporation, LLC, or partnership), and distributing its assets in a fair and appropriate manner.

Our attorneys are experienced and able to assist clients in all stages of the dissolution process.  From pre-dissolution advice, to negotiating settlements or representing the client in litigation and trial, we strive to achieve results that are profitable and satisfactory for our business clients.


A contract is an agreement between two parties, which can be written, oral, or implied by conduct.

Although the purpose of a contract is to create a clear understanding of each party’s obligations, disagreements can still occur regarding the meaning of the contractual terms, whether a party performed the requirements of the contract, or whether the contract is enforceable.

Our attorneys are adept at finding creative solutions to such problems and in enforcing contractual obligations through the courts when needed.  We have achieved significant trial victories in contract cases, both defending against breach of contract claims and recovering damages for our clients who have been harmed by a breach of a contract.


Government regulations affect many aspects of our clients’ lives, are often complicated, and are at times unfairly enforced.

Our attorneys advise clients regarding the interpretation and scope of these regulations, and take on the government in court when necessary to protect our clients’ rights.


State and federal unfair business practice laws provide many protections for consumers.

These laws allow for extensive remedies for those who have been harmed by a business’s unfair practices, and can also create compliance problems for those who provide goods or services to consumers.

Our attorneys are extremely knowledgeable in this complicated area of the law, and use this knowledge to both protect the rights of those who have been a victim of an unfair business practice and to assist our business clients in avoiding risks associated with violations of these laws.


Fraud is the misrepresentation or concealment of an important fact.  Fraud claims arise in a wide variety of situations, for both businesses and individuals.

Our attorneys are experienced in litigating fraud claims, and have achieved very significant victories for clients who have been affected by fraud.


Persons who occupy a position of trust, such as a business partner or a professional advisor, are generally required to act in the best interest of those with whom they deal and must not take any sort of unfair advantage.

Those who have been harmed by a trusted person’s breach of a fiduciary duty may be able to recover damages.  Our attorneys are experts in litigating breach of fiduciary matters and protecting the rights of our clients.


Trade secrets are pieces of confidential information about how a company does business which give that company a competitive edge, and which can be essential to a profitable enterprise.

Trade secrets are protected by state and federal laws.  When a company’s trade secrets are misappropriated, immediate legal action may be required to prevent catastrophe.

Our attorneys have achieved victories for clients who have been wrongfully accused of theft of trade secrets and for businesses which required assistance to protect their valuable trade secret assets.


When a business venture involves more than one person, disputes between the owners of that business can arise regarding the amount of the company’s assets, and who is entitled to what.

It may then become necessary to compel those who are in control of the business’s books and records to account for the money that flowed into and out of the business.

This accounting may be conducted voluntarily, or may be ordered by the court, if necessary.  Our attorneys are able to assist in either case, to ensure that there is an equitable handling of the business profits.


Investors and shareholders in a company have rights which are enforceable by way of a lawsuit called a shareholder’s derivative action.

A shareholder’s derivative action allows an investor or shareholder to hold a company and its officers or directors responsible when there has been a legal wrong which has caused damage to the shareholder.

Our attorneys are experienced in representing investors and shareholders who have legal claims against companies, and have achieved excellent results for our clients, both by negotiation and litigation.