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Here are some articles from around the web that feature our attorneys and clients:

When Mrs. Doubtfire Won’t Leave

A California family is struggling to evict their now-fired live-in nanny—and tenancy laws are on her side. How to protect against a nightmare scenario in your own home.
The houseguest from hell has been immortalized numerous times on film and television. But one California couple’s saga is so bizarre that Hollywood and even Lifetime television would probably dub it unbelievable. If the Bracamonte family’s story were being pitched as a movie, it might be described as Mary Poppins meets Pacific Heights, the thriller in which a tenant turns one couple’s dream home into a nightmare. (…Read More)

Dogged Pursuit

A handicapped woman’s lawsuit may teach restaurant managers of a Denny’s in Campbell some expensive new tricks

By Jeff Kearns

SITTING WITH her two children at the Denny’s on Bascom Avenue in Campbell, Teresa Oliver knew something was up. Other customers were getting their lunches, but nobody came to her table.

“We just never got served,” Oliver says. “People around us were being served, or were getting their food, or finishing and leaving. Other people were being seated, and their orders were being taken, but our orders never were.” (…Read More)

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