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The San Jose and Bay Area law firm of Gates Eisenhart Dawson (GED) offers clients a wealth of litigation and legal counseling experience.

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Gates Eisenhart Dawson

Litigation and Legal Counseling Attorneys

In an age where the population is seen as mere numbers or dollars and business relationships have lost that personal touch, we at Gates Eisenhart Dawson (GED) have always put the client—the person—at the heart of what we do.

“What sets GED apart is that we are a small law firm, made up of five highly dedicated, compassionate, intelligent lawyers who are strong advocates for their client’s position,” explains Bill Gates, partner for the firm.

Who We Are

With 100 combined years of legal experience, GED has provided litigation services comprised of Business & Real Estate matters, Employment representation, Landlord-Tenant resolution, and Criminal Defense. GED also specializes in Strategic Counseling for Employer mitigation and investigation, along with counseling individuals and businesses in the resolution of Government & Administrative matters.

How We Work

From the beginning, we at GED have always put efficiency at the forefront, utilizing best-practices to build our reputation for setting precedent in the legal field while getting from point A to point Z in less time.

“Effective preparation is beneficial to our clients,” says GED partner, Jim Dawson. “They greatly appreciate the fact that we have their matter(s) resolved by negotiation, arbitration, or brought to trial quicker than most law firms.”

This process has become a science within the firm.

Partner Marc Eisenhart elaborates, “We are not interested in working and billing hours just for the sake of billing hours. Every moment taken with the case, through research, conversations, and brainstorming with the other partners, are all ingredients used to win the case for the client. And we do win.”

The GED science involves a team approach where we believe that two or four heads are better than one. When a client works with one of us, they actually receive the expertise and experience from all of us behind the scenes.

Why We Practice Law

In the end, it is those relationships with the people we help that bring the highest level of satisfaction in practicing law and providing our litigation services.

As Nick Emanuel, attorney for GED puts it while reflecting on a “Thank You” card he received from one grateful client, “Everyday when I look at that card I am reminded of how lucky I am to have an occupation where if I do my job well I can have a profound effect on people.”

Significant Cases – Plaintiff & Defense

Fraud Against Corporate Officers

Obtained Summary Judgment on behalf of Corporate Officer Defendants in Investment Fraud Action against Corporate Officers. (Parineh v. Raheja, et. al., San Mateo County Superior Court No. CIV 463580)

Appellate Opinions

Williams v. Sun Microsystems, Inc. (2007) H029828, Sixth Appellate District [unpublished]. Court Reversed Summary Adjudication of Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claim.

Swift v. Superior Court (2009) 172 Cal.App.4th878, Sixth Appellate District. Writ of Mandate Issued Reversing Trial Court’s Striking of Peremptory Challenge.

Meyers v. Board of Administration (2014) 224 Cal.App.4th 250. Sixth Appellate District. Reversal of trial court’s denial of petition for a writ of mandate directing city Retirement Board to award disability retirement benefits to injured worker.

Murray’s Ironworks, Inc. v. Boyce (2008) 158 Cal.App.4th 1279. Sixth Appellate District. Reversal of trial court’s award of attorney’s fees against homeowner in litigation related to construction of home.

Promissory Fraud Verdict

Represented Construction Company in Promissory Fraud Claim, Obtaining $2 Million-Plus Verdict with Entitlement to Punitive Damages. Case Settled for Over $3 Million thereafter.

Largest Settlement

Obtained then-Largest Settlement for “Glass Ceiling” Gender Discrimination in United States Against Large Well-Known Electronics Company.

Largest Verdict

Obtained Largest Verdict in Santa Clara County for C.C. §1942.5 Retaliation. (Oliver, et. al. v. Crediford, Santa Clara County Superior Court No. CV 773021)